‘AWFUL GAYS’ A New Irish Comedy Gay Web Series Premiered May 4

Awful Gays, a new comedy web series about a gay couple in Dublin, premiered online yesterday, May 4th. The first episode, Happy Couple, shows Maurice and Kenny’s caustic reaction to a younger gay couple who have just got engaged.

Episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays on the series’ Vimeo channel (vimeo.com/awfulgays) May 4th through June 15th.

Awful Gays is a comedy web series about a truly awful gay couple, Maurice and Kenny, in post MarRef Dublin.

What they lack in chemistry and common interests, they make up for in shared awfulness.

In the series, they interact (argue) with a host of less awful gays and straights, including a new mother, a lonely old gay man, a newly-out teenager, and a  recently engaged gay couple.

In short, these are not the gays you voted yes for.

The series was created by Mark Keane. It stars Colm Kenny Vaughan as Maurice, and Stephen Ryan as Kenny.

You can visit www.awfulgays.com for more information, and to watch episodes, or twitter.com/awfulgays, or facebook.com/awfulgays for regular updates.

In the first episode, Happy Couple, Maurice and Kenny accuse a young, happy, newly-engaged couple of being threatened by their relationship…
Starring Colm Kenny-Vaughan as Maurice, Stephen Ryan as Kenny. Featuring Conor O’Dwyer and Kerwin White.
Written and Directed by Mark Keane. Shot and Edited by Darragh Moran. Sound by Cole Delaney.
Music: Singalong by Biggles Flys Again (bigglesflysagain.bandcamp.com)


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