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Transgender Film Festival Awards 2017!

Transgender Film Festival Awards 2017!

The festival, in Kiel/Germany, includes documentary and feature films
about Drag Queens (and Kings) and transsexuality. The audience decides on the awards, and you can see the winners below:

Best Film of the Year:
EKAJ by Cati Gonzalez

Best Trans-Performance:
Jonny Beauchamp in THIRSTY https://www.facebook.com/ThirstyMovie/
Elle Fanning in THREE GENERATIONS https://twitter.com/3GenerationsMov

Best Actress (non-tg-role):

Best Actor (non-tg-role):
Badd Idea in EKAJ

Best long Documentary:
LUCY by Melinte Reitzema http://www.courfilms.com/lucy

Best Song:
“All That I Am” by Nicky Egan in the film THIRSTY

Best Short Film:
PRINCESS by Karsten Dahlem

Best Trans-Performance in a Short Film:
Phillip Breu in PRINCESS

Best Actor in a Short Film (non-tg-role):
Marc Benjamin Puch in THE WEDDING PATROL

Best Actress in a Short Film (non-tg-role):
Ava Taremizad in PRINCESS

Best Short Documentary:
LIP SYNC 1000 by Joseph Wilson https://vimeo.com/214677677

Best Poster:

Best Website for a Film:

Best Music Video:
“Hum Hain Happy” by 6 Pack Band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blvOBnSRfVc

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