First-ever Transgender Sitcom – The Switch – On Amazon, Google Play and iTunes June 13th!

Comedy transgender series, The Switch: Work, Love, Mortal Danger, brings a cast of transgender comedians to what may be the most provocatively left-leaning TV show ever. In the comedy’s pilot, Sü flees the USA for Canada to come out as trans, only to wind up jobless and crashing with her ex, Chris, an adorable eco-terrorist who assassinates oil lobbyists for a living.

The Switch features five trans starring roles, all played by trans actors. In this topical series, stable careers are out of reach, safety is an abstract concept, and reliable housing doesn’t exist. Here, the police can be as dangerous as the bad guys, the immigration system hates you, and keeping a job means settling well below your skill set. Yet the community fights back with innovation and hope.

Yesterday, Sü was an upwardly-mobile software manager. Today she’s an out transsexual, unemployed and sleeping on her ex’s couch at the unfashionable bottom of the rabbit hole that is the East Vancouver Queer Underground. Thrown into a world of marginal living, social inequity and quasi-legal employment, will she claw her way back to her old status? Or, to her horror, will she adapt and thrive?

The Switch isn’t just a show – it’s a place where everyone can find something to love.

Coming to Amazon, Google Play and iTunes on June 13th, 2017


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