Video: The Howlin’ Souls – Anyway You Take It

Rock/Blues band, The Howlin’ Souls, recently released their lively self-titled debut EP, a collection of banging tracks reminiscent of 70s rock. The EP is a mix of accessible classic and blues-rock, flawlessly meshed with catchy lyrics. The first thing that hit me though, was how like early Rolling Stones it sounded.

The first single from the EP, Anyway You Take It, was released in Autumn 2016 (the EP was released in April this year) and is full of feel-good guitar solos, satisfying bass tones, and the Jagger-like vocal supplied by singer-songwriter, Pete Smith. The band consists of Smith (vocals, guitar), Scott Sepe (guitar), Robbie Sokolowsky (bass) and Nate Lang (drums). If you’re a ‘Stones fan, you’ll love this!


You can Download the EP on digital music outlets, and keep up with the band by visiting:

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