Australia: Time to make them vote!

Alex Greenwich of The Equality Campaign in Australia has stated that they feel it is time to make Australian politicians vote on marriage equality. He says:

“Australian politicians return to Parliament on Tuesday — a perfect opportunity to decide LGBTI couples are equal under the law. But they won’t unless Australians make them by taking action to keep marriage equality at the top of the political agenda.

So, that is exactly what The Equality Campaign is going to do every sitting week until all Australians can marry the person they love. This week there are three things voters can do:

Send a strong message to their MP now — make sure each politician knows how many voters believe in equality.

Getting marriage equality through the Parliament is now a numbers game. The more people who contact their MPs with honest, personal and persuasive messages, the closer Australians get to Parliament allowing a vote.

Liberal and National MPs need to hear that it is time to allow a conscience vote on marriage equality. Labor, Greens and other MPs need to hear they must keep asking the Government to allow a vote to be put to the Parliament.

2. Chip-in to keep marriage equality on the air with their politically targeted advert.

Politicians from all sides have said that seeing the ad on TV, billboards and in airports across the country has increased the pressure they feel to hold a vote. And it has struck a chord with Australia, with over twenty thousand new supporters signing up, contacting their MP and increasing the call for equality.

The Equality Campaign have booked new advertising space, but are still short of their fundraising target. Can you chip in to keep the people-powered advert on the air?

3. Make some noise on social to reach more Australians with the equality message and keep the pressure on our Parliament.

Over 100,000 new supporters have joined the campaign for marriage equality since October. This has been noticed in the halls of Parliament! The more they grow, the more power they have to affect change.

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If all Australians take action together, they can make marriage equality a reality. It’s time for the politicians to do their jobs”.


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