Remove Hate From Your Internet – Free #LoveWins Extension!

Award winning open innovation studio, Connector, proudly launched its free #LoveWins Google Chrome extension to make the internet a more loving, tolerant place 

According to GLSEN, 42% of LGBQTA+ youth have experienced cyber bullying, 58% say something bad is said to them or about them online just because of their sexuality and over 35% receive or LGBT youth received online threats.

The #LoveWins filter is designed to search web pages for LGBQTA+ slurs, and, when found, make them disappear by replacing it with love adjectives that celebrate what people in the community are – proud, courageous, fearless, friendly – decorating each character of the words with the pride colours.

The #LoveWins does not to interfere with your browser and it will never collect or transmit any information from users.

Ivan Adriel – Head of Digital said:

“Connector is a proud supporter of the LGBT community and this Pride we wanted to do something that would help make the internet a better place for us all. So we created the tool that we wanted to exist when we were teenagers and searching for our identity online.”

The extension was designed to protect people from being part of these stats and for anyone who believes that #LoveIsLove and wants to get rid of all online negativity.

You can download the #LoveWins extension for free on the Google Chrome store –

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