Listen: Prime – Poison

“I don’t know how you got in
Baby, you’re a poison in my skin
I’m on a losing game
I feel the fire, I’m going in anyway”

These are some of the resonant lyrics from PRIME’s latest single, Poison, and we feature him in EILE’s music slot this morning. The US pop/rock/electronic singer-songwriter has just released this edgy, high-energy pop/dance track.

“If Usher, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury had a baby, it would be PRIME.”

Born in The Philippines and raised in New York City, he has always believed that the world holds music as its common language. PRIME says that his eclectic musical taste spans pop, rock, R&B, electronic, and dance music, and a taste of each can be heard in his songs, and in particular, Poison.  Enjoy!

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