Stevie Nicks Records New Version of Gypsy For New TV Series “Gypsy”


Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks has recorded a new version of the 1982 hit ‘Gypsy’ for the opening credits of Netflix’s new TV series, Gypsy, which launches this Friday, 30 June.

Stevie Nicks said “I’m very excited for the world to hear ‘Gypsy’ more like I wrote it — on piano. I am very proud of this version…”

Writer Lisa Rubin, came up with the idea for the TV series, Gypsy, after she heard the haunting hit by Fleetwood Mac.   She heard the song in a coffee shop, when she was working on the outline for a new project.

“I didn’t know the song ‘Gypsy,’ so when it came on, the tone felt so right. I looked up the lyrics and what it meant and it resonated, all of that longing and feeling, it felt fitting for the show, so it became part of the fabric.”

“It suggests this idea of grounding yourself in who you used to be and the different versions of yourself. There’s melancholy in it, but something that also feels romantic… It feels bare and haunting. It’s still the same song, but there’s a darker element… Tonally, there’s both an eeriness and something bare that speaks to the ideas of identity  and everything that’s going on at Jean’s core.”

“Stevie’s doing that same thing [as Jean] here, in that she’s revisiting [something about herself],” said Rubin. “It speaks to the overall idea of identity for her, for Jean, and for me. It all feels full-circle.”

When the script was completed for Gypsy, and the Netflix production well under way in early 2016, Gypsy executive producer, Liza Chasin, approached Stevie Nicks through some industry contacts, to facilitate a collaboration between leading music producer, Greg Kurstin, and the singer, and by September 2016, a stripped back version of Gypsy was re-recorded.  Kurstin had previously worked with Adele on Hello, and Sia on Chandelier.

After filming for Gypsy finished, Lisa Rubin met and spoke to Steve Nicks about the new Netflix series. “I think she was most excited, actually, at the idea that [Gypsy characters] Sam [Karl Glusman] and Sidney [Sophie Cookson] have a dog named Stevie because Sidney is obsessed with Stevie Nicks,” said Rubin. “I guess Stevie is really into animals, so she loved that. It was a big deal to her. But, I was like, no, no, no don’t you understand? I wrote the show listening to your song!  But she seemed really excited about the dog part.”

Gypsy is a ten-part psychological thriller that follows Jean Holloway (Naomi Watts), a Manhattan therapist with a seemingly picturesque life who begins to develop intimate and illicit relationships with the people in her patients’ lives. As the borders of Jean’s professional life and personal fantasies become blurred, she descends into a world where the forces of desire and reality are disastrously at odds.

In addition to Watts, Gypsy also stars Billy Crudup (Spotlight) as Jean’s husband Michael Halloway, Sophie Cookson (Kingsman) as Sidney, Lucy Boynton (Murder on the Orient Express) as Jean’s patient Allison, and Karl Glusman (Nocturnal Animals) and Jean’s patient Sam.

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