Faith Group supports march for same sex marriage

Faith in Marriage Equality (FiME) calls on people of faith in Northern Ireland to support the public rally for civil marriage equality. The march takes place in Belfast Saturday, July 1, 2.30 pm, at Writer’s Square, and Faith in Marriage Equality will be present with their banner.

Spokesperson Dr Richard O’Leary said:

“Catholic and Protestant Church leaders only recently apologised for opposing in the 20th century Catholic-Protestant mixed marriage. Church leaders could learn from their past mistake and drop their current opposition to same sex civil marriage”.

Dr O’Leary added:

“While it is proper that faith leaders govern their members’ access to religious marriage, they should not seek to prevent access to civil marriage. Our politicians in Northern Ireland are being asked to legislate for civil, not religious marriage. We hope that the Democratic Unionist Party and our Catholic and Protestant Church leaders will recognise that more and more ordinary people of faith support civil marriage equality and would like their leaders to make a generous response”

Faith in Marriage Equality (FiME) is supported by a range of faith organisations including the Catholic group ‘We are Church Ireland’ and the Anglican Church of Ireland group ‘Changing Attitude Ireland’.

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