Chechen LGBT: Russian LGBT Network Outlines Fundraising Activities

Over the last couple of months, the Russian LGBT Network has evacuated and supported people who have been persecuted in the Chechen Republic, based on their sexuality.

The Network has also tried to ensure that the federal authorities initiate transparent and effective investigation of persecution, unlawful detainments, torture, and murders of homosexual people in Chechnya.

Since the beginning of April, more than 120 people applied for emergency assistance through the hotline ( More than 60 people were evacuated from the region, and 27 found sanctuary outside of Russia.

As of 13 July, the Network has received donations from various organizations to fund its work in Chechnya. It has received USD 238,000, and has already spent 92 500. The funds mainly covered travel costs, housing, first aid, nutrition, security, medical, and psychological assistance and paperwork.

The Network has acknowledged that its work with the victims fleeing the Chechen Republic would be impossible, without financial assistance from their Russian and international partners. They are immensely grateful to all the organizations who donated, and to individual donors, who decided to help the cause.

They have received funding from the following organizations: All Out, Enough is Enough, and Campaign against Homophobia Germany (Aktionsbündnis given Homophobie), COC Netherlands, and the Network (Switzerland) and Fundacja Reform na Rzech Promoji Zdrowia Budowania Wiezi. Two other organizations requested to remain anonymous.

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