Film Review & Trailer: 47 Meters Down

Frances Winston reviews this latest shark thriller, and sees it as a bit of fun with some thrills to keep your nerves on edge 

Directed by: Johannes Roberts – Starring: Claire Holt, Mandy Moore, Chris J. Johnson, Yani Gellman, Santiago A. Segura, Matthew Modine

Ever since Jaws scared the bejaysus out of cinema-goers back in 1975 (yes it really is that long ago) filmmakers have utilised the great white shark as a terror tool. This is yet another shark-shocker, and, as the title suggests, much of it is indeed set 47 Meters Down.

Sisters Lisa (Moore) and Kate (Holt) are on holiday in Mexico, and after meeting two handsome strangers, they agree to go cage-diving with sharks – because clearly there is nothing bad about that idea at all. (There may have been alcohol consumed when they agree).

When they arrive at the boat the next day (surprisingly hangover-free for two dirty stopouts) they assure the captain (Modine) that they can both scuba-dive. This, of course, is a lie, as only Lisa has any experience, but why let that get in the way of putting a few inches of metal between you and a deadly killer.

Their descent goes swimmingly enough at first (pun intended) and they are astonished at their proximity to the pointy-teethed predators. However, since 47 Meters Down is a thriller, something has to go wrong, and that something is that the winch holding the cage breaks, sending them hurtling to the bottom of the ocean, which is (quelle surprise) 47 metres from the surface.

Running out of air, and with the sharks seemingly rather enamoured with the idea of tinned food, they must find a way to get back in contact with the boat – which, of course, means leaving the safety of the cage. But with the other alternative being death by suffocation, they don’t really have much choice.

47 Meters Down is one of those typical summer-filler movies, that boasts a cute cast and just enough intrigue to get bums on seats. To be fair, the idea of being trapped in a cage at the bottom of the ocean with sharks circling you is terrifying. Unfortunately, they don’t ever really take it as far as they could, so it always feels a little bit underplayed. Instead, we get a twist in the tale that is funny, rather than shocking. Despite this, 47 Meters Down does have some great moments that will have your heart in your mouth, and both Moore and Holt bring a huge like-ability factor to their roles.

47 Meters Down is a bit of fun, and does offer quite a few thrills. Probably not as shocking or scary as it could have been, but at 90 minutes, it is a good way to unwind and forget about the world for a short time.

Also, it will leave you longing for a sunshine holiday – maybe don’t book a ‘swimming with sharks’ excursion though.

In Cinemas July 26th! See Trailer Below:


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