BeLonG To: Let’s Talk About Drugs…

“Young people are only ever told to not take drugs, and they are never given information on how to take drugs safely”

This was just one of the many responses BeLonG To received when they conducted a Drugs and Alcohol Attitudes Survey with LGBT+ youth.

Some 83% of LGBT+ young people surveyed called for changes to drug laws in Ireland, highlighting that the current criminal sanctions prevent them from asking questions, finding information, and looking for help in a dangerous situation.

From listening to young people, BeLonG To know that the narrative around drugs in Ireland needs to change. Instead of criminal sanctions in response to drug possession, with devastating repercussions on career, travel, and education prospects, they feel we need to offer support and knowledge in line with harm reduction approaches.

Yesterday BeLonG To celebrated 10 years of their specialised Drug and Alcohol Service for young LGBT+ people with the launch of a video. 

They asked their over 18’s group: ‘How can drug use be made safer?’

Check out their answers in the short video below:

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