Australia: Marriage Equality -The politicians are meeting Monday – call them now!

Jason Wood of the Australian Liberal Party, who has stated he supports marriage equality

A bill is being drafted, supportive politicians want the Government to allow a free vote, and some in the Coalition are even willing to cross the floor to make sure the Australian Parliament takes action on marriage equality.

Alex Greenwich of the Equality Campaign says:

“Having been active on this campaign for over a decade, I can say this is the first time a process is in place that could actually achieve reform — and the numbers are almost there! They are meeting on Monday afternoon: Can you get us across the line?”

He asks that supporters take action now by  clicking here to call your Politician / Click here to message your MP

He also says that strong and active community backing for marriage equality is what has increased support in the Australian Parliament. But while they are closer than they have ever been, the clock is ticking — politicians are meeting on Monday afternoon, so they only have a few days to make sure they hear your call.

“There are still people who oppose progress in our Parliament, and it is likely they will try every trick in the book to delay equality. But the antidote to this our stories of support — for them to understand how many voters in their electorate believe in a country where every Australian can marry the person they love.

We need them to understand why marriage equality is so important to us — that the overwhelming majority of us believe all Australians should have their relationships treated fairly, and that their families and friends deserve to celebrate this happiness and commitment with them.

It is also crucial that supportive politicians from all parties hear from us right now. We want them to be lifted up by our words of encouragement and solidarity before they head back to Parliament next week, so they can remember your words of support as they stand up for equality”.

Most of the Labor Party and crossbench are ready to vote yes. Support is also growing within the Coalition — just this week Liberal backbencher, Jason Wood, joined a growing number of MPs saying they would vote for equality. This was in large part due to the amazing work of La Trobe electorate equality campaigners, who have been sending their messages, calling and meeting with him.

This is undoubtedly getting incredibly exciting. But please don’t sit back and watch it all unfold. Get on the phone and call your MPs and Senators — and, if you already have, get your parents to as well!”

When marriage equality passes, it could be that phone call, your story, that won over the needed votes.

Take action now: Call your Politician and Message your MP

You can also visit The Equality Campaign on Twitter or Facebook.



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