Wiki Loves Pride at GAZE International Film Festival

Wiki Loves Pride at GAZE International Film Festival

  • Monday 7 August 2017, 11am to 1pm
  • Free event
  • Get started editing Wikipedia, and improving content that matters to you!

Ever wondered how to get started editing Wikipedia? On Monday, 7 August, an editing workshop will be held in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield, as part of the GAZE International Film Festival, where experienced editors will guide you through your very first edits. The aim is to improve and expand articles relating to Ireland and LGBTQ culture, history, and biographies, as part of a worldwide initiative Wiki Loves Pride.

With so many articles missing or incomplete on Wikipedia about Irish people and organisations that represent the LGBTQ community, this event also marks the 25th anniversary of the GAZE film festival. Working with resources both off and on line, anyone can help improve the breadth and depth of such articles in just a few short hours.

Shannon Eichelberger of Wikimedia Community Ireland says:

“An editing workshop is an important tool for Wikipedia. It creates a safe environment for new users to start editing and helps to build relationships between Wikipedia and other organisations. One of the more important aspects of such events is that it allows for events targeted towards filling specific gaps in Wikipedia. Irish historical figures and events, and specifically places within the Irish landscape associated with the LGBTQ movement and community, are widely omitted from Wikipedia. Events like this will help to create more expansive articles about these important subjects, creating a comprehensive historical and archival resource for the future.”

All are welcome, no editing experience is necessary and the event is free. To participate all you will need is a laptop or tablet.

Speaking about a similar event run in NUI Galway, Sharon Flynn of Wikimedia Community Ireland commented that:

“The editing workshop at NUIG was an empowering event for both staff and students. Realising that you can make a contribution, as part of a much larger community, helps to break down the barriers between expert and learner, between academia and community. We will certainly look to create opportunities for our students to work further with the Wikimedia Community Ireland in both formal and informal learning contexts.”

You can find further details of the event pages on Facebook or on the website.

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