Australia: The Equality Campaign Intends To Fight “Postal Vote Madness” In The Courts

Olympian Ian Thorpe (right) who came out as gay in 2014, lends his weight to the marriage equality campaign

The Equality Campaign in Australia, campaigning to bring in marriage equality there, have now said that they intend to fight the postal vote in the courts, and are fund-raising to do so, having so far raised $100,000.

Shirleene Robinson of The Equality Campaign said:

“Thanks to […] thousands of equality supporters, we have fundraised over $100,000 to fight this postal vote madness in the courts. We will exhaust all legal and political avenues to stop this.

But, like many of you, we are in this to win this. If the court rules the Government can work around the Parliament and treat people’s right to love this way — and the postal vote goes ahead — we need to turn Australia’s overwhelming support into a resounding YES”.

They feel that the timing is tight and the deck is stacked against them, but they will never allow a vote of no to equality, and they will never give up the battle to show LGBTI Australians they are loved and respected.

The Equality Campaign have set out the three things marriage equality supporters need to do now:

  1. Check you are correctly enrolled to vote at your current address so you get your survey papers. They also need to make sure all the young people they know are enrolled to vote so they have the option of having their say. (And hey, enrolling to vote is good anyway.)
  2. Chip in so they can win. “Right now marriage equality opponents are trying to raise $30 million for their negative and divisive campaign. Let’s make sure we raise enough funds [..] so equality and love win the day”.
  3. Tell 5 friends and family to join with you in the campaign. It will take all supporters to make marriage equality a reality — they want to make sure everyone who supports them is signed up and ready to campaign.

You can also visit The Equality Campaign on:

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