Stunt Lover: Album Launch Date For ‘Aldona’s Daughter’

Trans-fronted, Dublin-based band, STUNT LOVER, will be launching their first album, Aldona’s Daughter, on September, 22nd!

The album is four years in the making.

Stunt Lover is a 3-piece alt-punk rock band based in Dublin, made up of Kaylee Bear on guitar and vocals, San Peric on bass, and Al Soldati on drums.

Their first album, Aldona’s Daughter, will launch online and in Dublin on Friday, September 22.

“As part of Culture Night Festivities at Steambox Galleries & Studios, along with the annual Studio members’ exhibition, Stunt Lover will be celebrating the release of their first an long-imminent album, ‘Aldona’s Daughter’ in the lounge. With supporting music by Leifert, it is guaranteed to be a totally enjoyable night! On this day this album -the culmination of four years’ work- will be available for download on Bandcamp, in hardcopy at our launch, and also at Tower Records in Dublin!”

Stunt Lover cite among their influences Andrew Bird, Ani DiFranco, Band of Skulls, Bikini Kill, Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and lead vocals Kaylee Bear’s voice has been compared to Nick Cave.

The band will be back in Sin É in Dublin on 29th September.

You can watch videos of Stunt Lover on Youtube at:


 Inline image 2

Aldona’s Daughter (2017)

C. Stunt Lover P. Moxie Studios


  1. Sledgehammers & Knitting Needles
  2. SCAB
  3. Fear of Falling
  4. 3 Dreams
  5. SkyBelow
  6. On Her List Of Things To Do
  7. Apple Cider Vinegar
  8. Superstitious Girl
  9. Love Letters From Strangers /Strange Letters From Lovers

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