Denmark: Government Launch LGBTI Anti-Discrimination Plan

Danish Pride Parade 2017 – Image: Tobias Jørgensen

On 17 August, during Copenhagen Pride (official) week, the Danish government announced an upcoming LGBTI national action plan to prevent discrimination and promote security for the LGBTI community. The long-expected plan will be introduced in 2018.

Besides announcing the plan, the government also announced a cross ministerial LGBTI working group, and a responsible minister, Karen Ellemann.

“It’s a historic fingerprint and an ambitious agenda that the government is establishing in order to improve conditions and security for the LGBT community,” said Ellemann.

“I’m proud and pleased to co-ordinate and lead the work involving an action plan concerning the area. It is important to the government that we can all live the life we want to and be who we wish to be.”

ILGA-Europe hope that the plan will entail adequate funding, clear objectives, and include actions that cover sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics in order to fully embrace LGBTI issues in Denmark.

Danish LGBT activists LGBT Danmark, Sabaah,LGBT+ Ungdom, Copenhagen Pride (official), LGBT Asylum have worked hard for this initiative to come about.

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