Australia: Equality Campaign “We Have Hours Left”

Olympian Ian Thorpe (left) and partner Kenny

The Equality Campaign in Australia, who are campaigning for equal marriage, say they are running out of time — the electoral roll closes soon – 24th August! This will decide who can have their say on marriage equality and who will miss out.

They would like your help to reach 100,000 more young Australians with this urgent message. 

They say they know their message is working: Over 35,000 people have enrolled to vote since the postal plebiscite was announced! More importantly, hundreds of thousands have updated their postal address to make sure their papers arrive at the right place.

But as the hours count down, there are still a huge number of Australians at risk of not having their vote for equality heard. They want people to chip in so they can run online adverts reminding people to enrol to vote and update their address before time runs out!

They’ve already reached more than half a million people with Olympian, Ian Thorpe’s call to get on the roll, but they need to make sure every single person who should be enrolled but isn’t, or has moved recently, gets the message.
They also assure supporters that every dollar donated will go directly to meeting this important goal.

If you are eligible to vote in the forthcoming postal vote, make sure your details are up to at:

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