Australia: The Equality Campaign On Their New Ad – “It’s how we respond that counts”

The Equality Campaign have just launched their ad (above) in response to the No campaign ad.

“What do you do if you oppose something the vast majority of Australians want? Easy. You try to make the debate about something else” says Alex Greenwich of The Equality Campaign.

That’s exactly what the Equality Campaign is seeing right now from opponents of marriage equality, and it’s what they can expect to see more of as this campaign continues. (In fact, the opponents have promised there is more to come.)

Marriage equality opponents launched their first national TV ad. It features a series of concerned-looking mums. claiming that marriage equality will lead to children being subjected to what the no campaign’s email refers to as “radical gay sex education in schools”.

Patently ridiculous. Blatantly dishonest. And also their only hope: scare people into voting no.

The Equality Campaign have a better idea: unite Australia with a message they can be proud of. One that celebrates fairness and equality, and the common dignity and decency of extending to every Australian the same opportunity to marry the person they love.

So there will be not one but two very important ads this week from The Equality Campaign — and they need help to get them on the airwaves.

The first ad (above) is a direct response to the no campaign ad.

It features Dr Kerryn Phelps explaining that the only young people affected by marriage equality are young gay people who, for the first time, will have the same dignity as everyone else in the country.

Then on Saturday, they’ll be filming a big and bold new YES ad. It affirms the reality that marriage equality is about two things: two people who want to commit their lives to one another, and the families who want to celebrate with them. That’s it. But they need your help to get the message out far and wide.

This is how they’ll finally win equality: with a campaign they can all be proud of — supported by Australians from all walks of life, who are prepared to personally stand up for the people they love and care about, to prevail over fear and dishonesty.

The Equality Campaign know their opponents will continue to pour buckets of cash into messages designed to scare, mislead and hurt — the No campaign are aiming to spend a whopping $35,000 a day!

So you can help the Yes side by giving what you can!

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