Australia: The Equality Campaign’s Legal Challenge To Plebiscite

Over the next two days, the High Court in Australia will hear The Equality Campaign’s legal challenge to the government’s postal plebiscite on marriage equality.

While they await the results, The Equality Campaign are still moving full speed ahead, with preparations to achieve a resounding YES in the postal vote, if it goes ahead, and they’ve launched a new tool to help people vote.

Visit to pledge a YES vote.

They’ve known for a long time that the vast majority of Australians back marriage equality. It’s now a matter of getting everyone out to vote.

Despite polling in their favour, this vote is far from in the bag. Australians are used to compulsory, in-person elections. This voluntary postal plebiscite is going to be strange for a lot of people. There’s a risk that many won’t understand the process, or will simply forget to post their ballot!

The Equality Campaign want to make voting YES as easy as possible for everyone, that’s why they’ve launched this tool to help people pledge their vote.

With the tool, voters can pledge exactly where and when they’re voting, right down to finding the closest post box. They’ll send reminders closer to the date, to make sure people vote on time. They ask that people pledge to vote YES.

If they can get marriage equality supporters, their friends, and family out to vote, they feel they will win a YES vote.

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