Australia: Only 11 Days To Ensure A Yes Vote In Marriage Equality Plebiscite

The Equality Campaign in Australia want to let their supporters know that the time to act, and mobilise people to vote YES in the postal plebiscite on marriage equality, is now, and there are only 11 days to do it. They also need the funding to run their ads to get to people they don’t normally get to speak with.

For friends, partners, and families – the Equality Campaign are determined to win a YES vote.

As supporters of marriage equality, it’s best to see the real situation facing the LGBT community. Here are a few facts:

  • Ballots are being sent out from 12 September – 4 days from now.
  • Ballots will probably hit letterboxes around 18 September – 10 days from now.
  • Many will vote within 24 hours of getting their ballot – 11 days from now.

11 days.

That’s how long the Equality Campaign have to make an impact. Between now and then they have to get millions of Australians who support marriage equality ready to cast a YES vote. This is a huge task.

That means they’re going to need to reach out to people they don’t normally get a chance to speak to. They’re going to be running ads to those voters they’ve identified as critical to achieving a YES result. To that end, they would appreciate anyone who can chip in to make sure their ads can reach as many of these voters as possible. The amounts below would help:

Yes, I’ll chip in $125
Yes, I’ll chip in $50
Yes, I’ll chip in $25
Yes, I’ll chip in another amount

These ads are going to be crucial in turning marriage equality supporters into YES voters. Right now – that’s exactly what the Equality Campaign needs to make marriage equality a reality in Australia.

You can also keep up with The Equality Campaign on Twitter or Facebook.

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