Australia: AEC/ABS anxious that Marriage Equality Surveys are going to current addresses

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have said that they provided the electoral roll to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, at the close of rolls on 24 August 2017, with the enrolled and postal addresses available on the electoral roll at that point of time, except for silent electors whose information is protected by legislation.

If voters have not received their survey to date, they have until October 20th to request a new one from the ABS. The survey closes on November 7th at 6 pm, but voters are urged to send in their completed surveys as soon as possible.

The AEC say they are aware of reports of surveys being delivered to an address for electors no longer residing at that address. “The electoral roll is dynamic and constantly changing, with many thousands of Australians moving every week. While the AEC conducts ongoing activities to assist electors to correctly maintain their enrolment, where electors have not maintained their address in a timely fashion their survey may be sent to their old address. It remains the responsibility of every eligible elector to maintain their enrolment for their current address”.

If electors have moved, but remain on the electoral roll at a former address, they can contact the ABS hotline on 1800 572 113 to have a Marriage Survey sent to another address. Passport or Driver’s Licence information will be used for verification, and any previous forms invalidated. There are further ABS arrangements for enrolled overseas electors.

If voters receive a survey pack for someone who no longer lives at that address, they should mark the envelope ‘Return to Sender’ and post to the nearest Post Office or Post Box.

Australians can check their current enrolment details at: or contact the AEC on 13 23 26 with questions about their enrolment.


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