Australia: Last Few Days – Equality Campaign Urge Young Voters to Return ‘YES’ in Postal Vote

The Equality Campaign in Australia are extremely concerned that the lowest turnout in the plebiscite for marriage equality are the 18 to 34 age group. They write:

“We’re extraordinarily proud of this YES campaign so far. Supporters of marriage equality […] have donated, volunteered, and had those crucial conversations with friends and relatives. We truly appreciate it all.

We’re now into the crucial final days of voting. That’s why we’re making sure we speak directly to a group who are incredibly supportive of YES, but who STILL haven’t voted in the numbers anyone would like to see. Recent polling has shown 18 – 34 year olds have the lowest turnout in the postal survey – an incredibly low 57%!”

For this reason they are reaching out to these young voters on Facebook, and to remind them that they only have a few days left to post their YES votes to make sure they arrive by 7 November. They conclude:

“We want to make sure we reach as many young people as possible — to really drive home the message that the time to vote is NOW. Can you chip in to help us reach these voters?

Chip in $25
Chip in $75
Chip in $125
Chip in another amount or through PayPal

We’re nearly there. Thanks to supporters like you, we’re going to achieve marriage equality and make Australian history”.

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