Australia: The Equality Campaign – Great voting turnout figures!

The Equality Campaign in Australia have had some great news: the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) has released their turnout figures for this week, and 77% of Australians have returned their survey! 

When this survey was first announced, there were serious concerns Aussies wouldn’t post their surveys back. They had political pundits predicting turnouts lower than 40%. They all underestimated the power and passion of those who believe in equality for all!

When the Equality Campaign wrote their plan for the survey, they set a goal of getting 60% to post back their survey. They thought this would be a good result, and go a long way to ensuring a strong YES vote.

The fact that they’re at 77% is phenomenal! And they feel it’s down to every single supporter working so hard to have those conversations with friends, family, and colleagues, to make sure they posted their YES vote!

They’re not there yet. They don’t yet know what the final result will be. But regardless of the outcome, they feel everyone should stop and take a moment to reflect on what was achieved together — making sure so many Australians posted back their YES votes.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a YES result for the Australian LGBT community!

You can keep up with The Equality Campaign on Twitter or Facebook.

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