UK: Elite London Gents’ Club Bends Rules To Accept Trans Woman


An exclusive London gentlemen’s club has defied its 150-year-old tradition as a male-only bastion, by allowing a woman to join – but only because she was born a man.

The Savile Club, in Mayfair in central London, has never accepted women since it opened in 1868, but bent its rules after one of its existing members transitioned into a female.

Rather than being hailed as a step towards gender equality, the decision was derided by some Twitter users, who argued the club still discriminated against women who were not born male.

“Another #FirstWoman is, yet again, a man,” posted Twitter user @WomenCanSee.

“Right. So you’ll let women in, as long as they’re men. Waow – enlightened,” wrote another Twitter user Charlotte Perkins.

Right. So you’ll let women in, as long as they’re men. Waow – enlightened.

 The club, which has seen the likes of novelists Robert Louis Stevenson and Rudyard Kipling walk through its doors, declined to comment on their decision.

The move comes as a women-only college in Britain’s prestigious Cambridge University changed its admissions policy to accept transgender female students.

In July, the British government announced a reform of LGBT laws.

It proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, to allow gender reassignment surgery without a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, a mental health condition where someone’s gender identity does not match their physical body.

In 2016, The Lancet medical journal estimated that there are about 25 million transgender people globally.

– Lin Taylor @linnytayls – Thomson Reuters Foundation

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