Australia: Waiting For Result From Plebiscite On Marriage Equality

After months of campaigning for a fairer Australia in the postal survey, Australians will find out the results this week! The ABS will announce the outcome in Canberra on Wednesday at 10am AEDT.

In every capital city, as well as towns across Australia, YES supporters are gathering to watch what unfolds. Whatever the result, many want to stand together and celebrate the LGBT community’s proud, positive campaign for equality.

You can check out the details of each event here, and join the Australian LGBT community if you can:

The results will also be aired on ABC and SBS for those who are able to follow along on TV or online.

Some YES supporters are meeting up with friends or with loved ones to watch, hosting a breakfast or morning tea with their workplace or community group.

You can download the YES Results Watching Pack here!

It has some fun things to prepare your event — bunting, posters, hats and even some rainbow recipes!

Whether or not they get a YES result on Wednesday, their campaign doesn’t end there. The Equality Campaign have said that they won’t stop working until every couple is equal under the law. If the result is YES, their politicians will need to follow through on a YES result by passing a fair bill that supports true equality.

Throughout this campaign, the Australian LGBT community have become a huge, diverse movement for equality – one that’s too big to ignore. They are determined to see marriage equality become a reality in Australia.

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