Australia: LGBT Protections Remain As Senate Votes Yes To Marriage Equality

The Australian Senate has passed marriage equality by 43 votes to 12. The Senate has also resoundingly voted down amendments designed to wind back discrimination protections. This disappointed Tony Abbot and George Brandis, who expected that some of their amendments would be allowed to modify the bill. George Brandis still feels that a celebrant should be allowed to refuse same-sex marriages, and Tony Abbott feels that the government should have done more about what he terms ‘religious freedom’.

However, this is an historic moment. This is the first time a marriage equality bill has ever passed through an Australian chamber of parliament, after 20 previous attempts.

The victory is the culmination of over a decade of work by supporters of marriage equality. Whether it was activism right from the start, calling YES supporters to make sure they posted their YES votes, or even having a conversation with friends, family, or colleagues, it’s all contributed to this historic vote.

However, the Bill still needs to pass in the Australian House of Representatives, and the Equality Campaign are not taking their foot off the gas for a second. They ask that you share their Facebook post below letting people know about this important news, in order to keep up the momentum.

If they can keep up the momentum, it’s possible that all Australian LGBT couples will be equal under the law by Christmas.

It’s time to get this done. Help spread the good news!

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