TENI: Programme of Training for Healthcare Professionals on Transgender Care

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) is today hosting the inaugural Gender Identity Skills Training (GIST) at the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny in collaboration with the HSE. More than 40 health care professionals from across all regions of the HSE will hear from nationally and internationally renowned clinical practitioners on best practice in the provision of healthcare to trans people.

Speaking during the event, TENI’s Health and Education Manager Ms Vanessa Lacey said:

“This is a ground-breaking initiative by TENI. The landscape of care provision for trans people in Ireland is changing. In just a few years we are moving from a position of having just one or two dedicated clinicians to a pool of over 40 health care professionals trained in the provision of care to transgender people.”

Speaking on the margins of the event, TENI CEO, Mr Stephen O’Hare, said:

“As the newly appointed CEO of TENI, I fully appreciate the progress that TENI, in partnership with our colleagues in the HSE, has made through the delivery of training aimed at improving service delivery in healthcare for transgender people in Ireland and in helping to ensure a more holistic wrap-around experience when accessing health and social services.

The particular emphasis of this programme on children and adolescents, who experience gender identity issues, recognises the increasing visibility of young trans people in Ireland. There is a pressing need for adequate and inclusive services at regional level, to ensure that young people feel fully supported by trusted healthcare professionals at every stage of their development.” he said.

Reflecting on the attendance at the event, Ms Lacey added:

“The level of interest among clinicians in the training highlights the very significant demand for education and skills in this area. We are grateful to the HSE for their ongoing participation and support. We are particularly grateful to Jeanne Hendrick and Dr Aileen Murtagh of the HSE Social Inclusion Division for their efforts to bring this programme of training to fruition.

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