Fare and Football v Homophobia small grants available until Dec 2017

Fare and Football v Homophobia (FvH) will support organisations across Europe, until December 22nd, with small grants to challenge prejudice and exclusion against the LGBT community, during the FvH month of action in February.

Grants of up to €500 are available, to support activities to make football, and its structures, inclusive to all, and to increase the participation and representation of LGBT+ people in football.

Playing activities and tournaments can be supported in countries where the LGBT+ community still face barriers. Applicants should also consider hosting events that aim to deepen LGBT+ inclusion strategies, including the production of educational resources, and create debates around the topic.

Louise Englefield, Director of FvH, said:

“The partnership with Fare has helped us build an international campaign, tackling anti-LGBT+ discrimination in football.

“With support from the network, we have built positive relationships across Europe, reached new communities, and supported initiatives for LGBT+ inclusion at all levels of the game.”

Piara Powar, Fare Executive Director, added:

“Many LGBT+ people still face violence, discrimination and exclusion from mainstream society, February is an important period [to] drive change in an unified way.”

The application process is open until 18.00 (CET) 22 December 2017.

Applicants will be informed on 28 and 29 December.

All activities should be implemented during February 2018.

Apply for grant HERE.

If you do not require a grant, but would like your event to be listed, or for more information about the campaign, click here.

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