Promoters And Agents Who Identify As LGBTQ 

Transwoman Kellie Maloney, involved in promoting the sport of Boxing

As individuals in the arts and sports fields become more publicly successful within their profession, they often rely on promoters or agents to both manage their affairs and enable them further in their success. These promoters and agents become powerful and influential individuals in their own right. Many of these individuals identify as LGBTQ.

Specific professions that rely on agents include writers, television, film and theatre actors, dancers, painters, musicians, fashion designers, and various sports. Some promoters focus on organizing specific events, such as festivals and concerts, rather than individuals.

Most agents and promoters own their own business. The UK’s transgender promoter, Kellie Maloney is one of the biggest in the sport of boxing. France’s gay Donald Potard is the first individual in the world to act as agent/promoter within the fashion industry.

A minority work in large firms with many partners. Gay agent, Chuck James, is a co-owner of the large firm, ICM Partners, Brian Swardstrom is a partner with the firm, UTA, and Joe Machota is with Creative Artists Agency. One of the first women agents in the theatre world was lesbian, Elisabeth Marbury.

Queerbio have identified LGBT promoters and agents from Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Russia, Switzerland and the United States.


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