Trump-Pence’s Anti-LGBT Nominee Confirmed for Lifetime Judicial Appointment

Steven Grasz – Image :The Independent

Rights groups have denounced the confirmation of L. Steven Grasz to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. Grasz was confirmed with a vote of 50-48.

“We are deeply disappointed that Senate Republicans have voted to confirm a nominee who is clearly unfit to serve as a federal judge,” said HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy.

“Grasz’s confirmation is in line with the Trump-Pence administration’s alarming trend of advancing under-qualified nominees with terrible anti-equality records. This radical ideological transformation of our justice system will lead to long-term, harmful consequences that will live well beyond the Trump-Pence administration.”

Grasz served on the board of a non-profit that backed the abusive practice of conversion therapy on LGBTQ minors, and was unwilling to clarify his own views during his confirmation hearing. He has also argued Nebraska should not recognize marriage equality in other states.

Grasz also opposed allowing same-sex parents to adopt. The American Bar Association deemed him unqualified to serve for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals seat.

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