Mexico: In Memoriam – Julia César Zúñiga

Julia César Zúñiga

On November 21, 2017, Julia JulioCésar Zúñiga was tragically killed by two individuals with firearms, who entered into the salon where she worked, taking her life, in the presence of customers, including a child.  

Julia was a well-known Mexican gay activist, and representative of gay sports in Mexico. She was a member of the Gay Soccer League of Azcapotzalco, and part of the Didesex league (Diversity, Sports and Sexuality). Julia had represented Mexico in international football (soccer) tournaments.

Julia César Zuñiga was an athlete,  hard worker, and very responsible individual, according to her friends and family, always helping others selflessly, giving food to the hungry, and helping her community.

She was the financial support for her mother and household, and on November 21, 2017, was tragically killed.

There is a GoFundMe campaign asking for help financially to support her mother, to help with the expenses that come after such a tragedy.

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