Video: First Same-sex Marriage In Australia

The first same-sex marriages have taken place in Australia under special exemption, in Sydney and Melbourne, which meant the two couples could marry before the due date of 9th January, put forward by the government.

Lauren Price and Amy Laker became the first gay couple to tie the knot, and the ceremony took place in Camden in Sydney. As they had first planned to get married at the British Consulate, Lauren’s Welsh family had already booked tickets to come for the ceremony. But they then decided to get married under Australian law, and this meant they could apply for an exemption on financial grounds, as the family already had bought their tickets. They made their case to the office of Births, Marriages and Deaths, and the office agreed to the exemption. Lauren said:

“It was the longest ten minutes of our lives, and Amy cried when they said yes. It was so wonderful”.

The other couple were Amy and Elise McDonald, who got married in Melbourne, having also obtained an exemption on financial grounds, as they also had family coming in from abroad.


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