Toronto: Bruce McArthur In Court Over Disappearances Of Gay Men

Bruce McArthur, charged in connection with missing men

Residents of The Gay Village in Toronto had been urging police to investigate the disappearances of two gay men last year, and finally charges have been brought against 66 year-old landscaper, Bruce Mc Arthur. He has been charged with two counts of first degree murder, although police have not yet found the bodies of the missing men, Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen.

McArthur appeared in court on Friday last, but his appearance has been put back until February 14.

Police say they have a ‘pretty good idea’ of how the two men died, and suspect that McArthur is responsible for the disappearance and death of other men who have yet to be identified. Det.Sgt Hank Idsinga stated:

“In other words we believe there are other victims”.

McArthur is a self-employed landscaper, who lives in an apartment in the Thorncliffe Park area of the city, and police are searching four other properties in relation to the disappearances. Police say that McArthur definitely had a relationship with Kinsman, but are unsure about the other victim.

McArthur was active on gay dating apps, as were the missing men, and this has sparked fear among the gay community in Toronto about the safety of using the apps.

Police are also co-operating with other investigators who are working on the disappearances of three gay men in 2012, from the Gay Village of Church and Wellesley.


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