Listen: No No Yeah Okay – Make Believe

EILE’s Friday music slot features the latest single, Make Believe, from No No Yeah Okay, an Electro Soul/Electro Pop/Ambient/EDM outfit, that hails from Milwaukee in the US. They are soon to release their new EP, Cabal. NoNoYeahOkay formed in 2014, when Mark Gage (production) and Christopher Quasius (guitar) invited friend and, at the time, rapper, Colin Plant (vocals) to add vocals to some of their experimental instrumental tracks. They then added Joshua Paynter (bass) and completed the set. They have since performed everywhere from Summerfest to NBA halftime shows. Make Believe is an atmospheric track, with electronic beats giving it an underlying faster rhythm, overlaid with ballad style vocals, countered by melodic synths. We hope you like it!

You can catch up with the boys at:


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