Toronto: Bruce McArthur Gay Killings – Police Raid Clients’ Sites, Bodies Found

Bruce McArthur, alleged serial killer – Image: Facebook

The Toronto police have been excavating various sites belonging to clients of Bruce McArthur, the 66 year-old landscaper, whom they believe has been killing gay men from the wider Gay Village area.

They have now increased the number of charges of first-degree murder against McArthur, having discovered body parts in large planters on one property linked to the landscaper. They are examining 30 other properties on his client-list, where they believe more bodies may be hidden.

“We do believe there are more and I have no idea how many more there are going to be”, said Detective Sergeant Hank Idsinga at a news conference on Monday last.

McArthur has now been charged with five counts of murder. The remains of three more bodies have been discovered in planters, which the police have removed. They are urging anyone who had work done by the landscaper to contact them, as they feel he may have been active for many years, possibly since his thirties. At present, they are looking as far back as 2010.

As well as Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman, police have now charged McArthur with three more counts of first-degree murder – in the deaths of  Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Marmoudi, and Dean Lisowick, a homeless man.

The remains of three as yet unidentified men were found at the same house, in large planters, and traces of blood have been found in McArthur’s van. All missing or dead men were in their forties or fifties.

McArthur, who had previously worked as Santa Clause at a shopping mall, had described himself as a shy and helpless romantic at heart.



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