Listen: Simon XO – Waiting for Me to Break

This morning EILE features San Diego native, Electro-Pop artist, and multi-instrumentalist, Simon XO, has just released his first solo project, a double-single called Waiting for Me to Break/How Do I Fight It. (Simon is also featured in EILE monthly edition for January above). 

The two evocative synth-pop singles have a folk narrative, coupled with lush synths, guitar riffs, meaty drumbeats, and a soulful vocal to tap into your thoughts – all to be heard in Waiting for Me to Break. His lyrics are filmic, bringing you right to the spot where it’s happening, as with the second single, How Do I Fight It.

“How do I fight it/The sense I’m no good/Why am I lying/I’m not misunderstood”

Couple this with a soaring vocal, and you’ve got another emotional roller-coaster of a song in the second single. Simon is all set to release an EP, Covering, due for mid-2018, which features songs with emotive themes of doubt, loved ones, and facing intrapersonal fears. Just the stuff life is made of, we can’t wait!

Listen to Waiting For Me To Break on Soundcloud above, and see what you think!


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