Australia: ‘Female soldiers should not be allowed to fight on the frontline’ – Hastie and Bernardi

Australian Lt. Morgan Greenlees (left), logistics troop commander, and Cpl. Christine Bourke (right), storeman, both with 1st Signal Regiment, carry a truck tire up a small hill 

[In Australia] Federal Liberal MP and former Army officer, Andrew Hastie, has joined Australian Conservatives leader and South Australian Senator, Cory Bernardi, in arguing female soldiers should not be allowed to fight on the frontline.

Mr Hastie, who served in the elite SAS for five years, admitted it was not a popular view, but told Sky News, the “fighting DNA of a close combat unit is best preserved when it’s exclusively male”.

The WA MP argued the selection courses for combat roles are rigorous, and the work “incredibly exacting”.

His comments come after Senator Bernardi said women serving in combat roles could be against Australia’s national security interests.

“It’s about blurring the lines between political correctness and sound tactics in the name of what I think is social justice,” Senator Bernardi told Parliament.

@theboltreport states on Twitter:

“Former SAS soldier and Liberal MP Andrew Hastie says all roles in the ADF should be open to women, but I do not think they should be in fighting units”.

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