LGBTQ Record and Video Music Producers

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Music unites communities and represents them to the world, and the LGBTQ community is no different. It is important to have a group of LGBTQ professional music producers to represent the gay community, support it, and encourage its development, through the creation of role models and mentors. This is especially true in geographic areas that are not accepting of the gay community itself.

Several record labels have been created specifically for the LGBTQ community. These include Camp Records (1960s), Chainsaw Records(1991-present), Outpunk (1992-1997), and Megatone Records(1981-1995).

Though records and compact discs are somewhat passé today (perhaps relegated to niche collectors and music aficionados), online demand for music through social media channels has replaced this demand.

Music producers are responding to this changed demographic. Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, and other digital suppliers are now the channel through which most music flows in the developed world.

There are several LGBTQ icons that made their careers as music producers. Most notable among these are Americans Clive Davis (Arista Records/Columbia Records, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), David Lawrence Geffen (Asylum Records/Geffen Records), and Benny Medina (Motown Records/Warner Brothers). In Australia, producer Molly Meldrum received the prestigious Order of Australia for his contribution to the profession.

Queerbio have identified notable LGBTQ record and video music producers from Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden and the United States.

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