Australia: Share your story by Valentine’s Day for Religious Freedom Review

The Equality Campaign of Australia are asking the LGBT community there to share their story by Valentine’s Day, so that any new legislation on religious freedom in Australia, since equal marriage became legal, does not impact badly on the community.

Alex Greenwich of the Equality Campaign makes the following points:

  • “Religious Freedom Review
    The Government announced a review into the rights of religious organisations in Australia during the marriage equality debate. Together we need to make sure this review is not used to wind back crucial protections against discrimination.The Equality Campaign has been working on a submission and supporting leading experts, LGBTI organisations, lawyers, charities and supportive faith groups with their recommendations to the Review. We have more information on our website.
  • Implementing marriage equality across Australia
    It’s not marriage equality until all our relationships are equal. We’re working with our friends at the Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) and with local groups and communities across the country to remove all barriers to equality.This includes work to secure birth certificate reform so trans and gender diverse people are treated equally under the law. The rules currently require a person to be unmarried in order to amend their birth certificate. Trans and gender diverse people should not be forced to choose between staying married to the person they love or being recognised as their true self.We’re also working with the HRLC and Government Departments to help clarify and correct uncertainties like the interaction between state relationship registers and the Marriage Act, or how the changes impact on issues like welfare payments or other government support”.

Alex says you can help make a difference in this work:

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