FGG sponsors first-ever NFL ‘Inclusion Party’ on eve of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis

Returning to Minneapolis for the first time since the FGG Board held its mid-year meeting there in 2017, FGG Co-President Sean Fitzgerald and former Co-President Kurt Dahl attended the inaugural Super Bowl Inclusion Party, hosted by National Football Alumnus and Gay Games Ambassador Esera Tuaolo.

Held on 31 January, over 500 diverse community members gathered, and raised thousands of dollars for anti-bullying non-profits and homeless youth shelters.

Nonprofits which benefited included Esera Tuaolo’s non-profit HateIsWrong.org, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and Avenues For Homeless Youth. Presenters included football legends, television singers, Mayors and advocacy groups leaders.

The event was sponsored in part by the Federation of Gay Games.

Co-President Sean Fitzgerald had this reaction to the evening:

“It was amazing to attend the NFL Inclusion event in Minneapolis and see the amazing work Esera Tuaolo has done with his Hate Is Wrong campaign. Esera is one of our most visible Gay Games Ambassadors, and the Federation of Gay Games couldn’t be prouder of how he has created this amazing event during the massive build-up to the Super Bowl, arguably the biggest sporting event in the USA.

It’s great to see yet another professional sports league embracing full equality, something that the Gay Games have stood for since 1982. I think it’s no coincidence that Esera named this event Inclusion, since that is one of the three founding principles of the Gay Games.

The others are “Participation” and “Personal Best,” and these values will be on display later this year at Gay Games 10, taking place in Paris, France from August 4 – 12.”

Over 6,600 have already registered and up to 15,000 are expected for the 36 sports and 15 cultural events. We hope to see many of you there.”

To get information and tickets to Paris, France for Gay Games 10, go to:


Standard fees continue until 30 April 2018

(Please note: If you would like to donate to the Gay Games Scholarship Program, you could DOUBLE your impact, thanks to a major benefactor. The scholarship program was established to encourage financially-challenged participants, from underrepresented populations from around the world, to take part in the Gay Games, with support from the Roy M. Coe Scholarship Fund. (The Roy M. Coe Scholarship Fund was endowed to the FGG in 1995). Since 1998, over 800 scholarship candidates have participated in the Gay Games).

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