Listen: LGBT-themed Debut single from Sarah Sylvia – ‘St Vincent’

Sarah Sylvia, the Irish songstress who won people’s hearts on The Voice of Ireland in 2014, has released her LGBT-themed debut single, a great track called St Vincent. Both music and lyrics were written by Sarah Sylvia, and the song is performed by Sarah and her project, Cages.
A moody ballad reminiscent of a mix of Kate Bush and Evanescence, St Vincent tells the story of a girl who is tormented when she realises she has fallen for another woman “a ghostly girl with big lonely eyes, there’s something about her which brought me back to life”.
The track opens with beautiful, slow keyboards, leading into the strong, soulful voice of Sarah Sylvia, then building with lush strings and single beats. This is a beautiful track which you will find yourself listening to again and again, and hopefully it is the start of more to come. We hope you like St Vincent as much as we did. Enjoy!
St. Vincent is the debut single from Cages, released March 30, 2018, with Andre (Virus) Karkos – Guitar, Jeff Blaise – Bass, Adam Shumski – Drums, and Justin Yoder – Cello

The track was recorded and mixed by Joe Boldizar at Retro City Studios, Philadelphia, PA, with additional mixing and programming by Chris Pollock. Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Studios, Montgomery, NY. The vocals and piano are performed by Sarah Sylvia, and programming and additional keyboards by Eric Fisher.

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