BeLonG To: Free Counselling Service for LGBTI Young People

FREE Confidential Counselling Service for LGBTI Youth

Working with Pieta House, ‘BeLonG To’ provides a free counselling service for LGBTI+ young people in Dublin city centre.

This vital service is for 14-23-year-olds, who are self-harming or thinking of suicide. The free, confidential counselling sessions take place every Wednesday and Friday 9am-1pm.

According to the 2016 LGBTIreland Report, LGBTI+ teenagers are are twice as likely to self-harm, and three times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers.

LGBTI+ young people are at a much higher risk of suicide and self-harm for many reasons including stigma, fear of rejection, exclusion, and bullying.

This is a vital service for LGBTI young people, and will let them know that they are not alone when feeling lonely and vulnerable. Help is available.

The 50-minute sessions take place at BeLonG To, 13 Parliament St, Dublin 2.

Please Note: Young people under 18 years need parental/guardian consent. 

To make an appointment for this free service, call 01 462 4792 or email

To learn more about the counselling service, go to:

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