Acting Out Presents: The Decriminalisation Monologues


by Sean Denyer, Colette Cullen And Simon Murphy


Homosexuality was finally decriminalised in Ireland in June 1993. No official acknowledgment of this anniversary has happened. The thousands of gay people imprisoned, taunted and brutalised by the State before this happened have yet to receive any recompense or official  apology.

Acting Out feels this anniversary needs to be marked, and as Dublin’s LGBTQ theatre group, there was no way it could be ignored. So we have partnered with Outhouse, as part of its programme for Dublin LGBTQ Pride, and  commissioned three LGBTQ writers to pen a monologue related to this momentous event.

An ambitious civil servant must face being blackmailed for who she is. A young man from Limerick must decide whether or not to ring a local helpline, and so face the fact he is gay. A man moves to Ireland to live with his Irish lover, only to face the stark reality of their non-existence, in terms of legal recognition. A gay Irish man who has lived through all the changes, who has loved and lost, reflects on his journey.

Stories plucked from our recent history. Stories that will shock today’s generation. Stories that show how we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Producer Sean Denyer commented:

“ The cast all had a collective gasp when they first read these short plays through. As we have become more visible it is easy to forget where we have come from. Only twenty-five years ago, we were illegal, we were the love that dare not speak its name. In the Decriminalisation Monologues, we wanted to acknowledge both the pain and the fierce resistance of an older generation of gay people, on whose shoulders we stand and without whom we would be nowhere near equality”

The Decriminalisation Monologues will be presented as a lunchtime theatre show, with a ticket that includes a light lunch and two of the monologues,  as well as evening performances where all four monologues will be performed.

The Decriminalisation Monologues  will be performed at The Outhouse on Capel Street, Dublin, on June 11, 12, 14 and 15 at 1pm. There will be shows featuring all four monologues at 7.30pm Thursday 14th and Friday 15th June, and Saturday 16th at 2.30pm.

Tickets  Lunchtime (including light lunch) €12/8 Evening shows (all four monologues) €12/8
Show Twitter: @actingoutgroup
Company Website:

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