New radio documentary explores the experiences of seven Irish transgender people, in their own words

Image: Franziska Neumeister

A new radio documentary explores the experiences of seven Irish transgender people, in their own words. Area of concern are the problems that trans people face when dealing with the Health service in Ireland, which still uses a psychiatric/diagnostic model.

The documentary, All Mine, explores the experiences of a diverse group of Irish transgender people, ranging from an 18 year-old Leaving Cert student to university students, activists, professionals, parents, and grandparents.

The documentary will be broadcast on Newstalk 106-108fm, on 30th June at 9pm.

It was produced, recorded and edited by Maurice Kelliher* and Shaun O’Boyle*, aka ‘Bureau’, ( and the Podcast will be available online after broadcast at

‘Transgender’ and ‘Trans’ are umbrella terms for people whose gender identity or gender expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth. The people taking part in this programme speak fearlessly about their experiences of being trans in Ireland today, and how their experiences around gender intersect with other aspects of their lives.

All of the people taking part in this programme are transgender men, women, or non-binary. In this documentary, there is no voice-over, and no ‘outside’ experts; the makers made a deliberate choice to use the authentic, first-person voice as the most powerful way to share these narratives, and to investigate a number of issues from a first hand perspective.

The transgender people involved in the documentary are:

Noah (26), explaining the challenges to accessing healthcare that affect Trans people
Aoife (47), discussing the support she received from colleagues when she transitioned
Jason (18), talking about his experience as a Trans young person and Leaving Cert student

Key themes that emerge are: ‘coming out’ as trans; family, social, and work relationships; facing discrimination; the law, the Irish healthcare and medical system; reflections on education, visibility; activism; and the mental health challenges facing the trans community—which often come about due to the way in which they are treated or perceived.

*Artist Maurice Kelliher and science advocate and communicator Shaun O’Boyle—aka Bureau—began co-producing documentaries and podcasts in 2013. They have produced audio for: BBC Radio 4, Irish Design 2015, Science Gallery Dublin, Documentaries on Newstalk, Festival of Curiosity, LGBT History Month UK, Science Gallery International, UCD/Shane Bergin, Inspirefest, and BBC World Service. They have been supported by: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, and the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund

Information and support for the issues raised in this programme can be found at:

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI): (01) 873 3575 /
National LGBT helpline: 01 685 9280 /

Supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

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