Love knows no borders – Twitter celebrates #Pride

On Twitter, Pride is a celebration of love for every gender, orientation and identity.

Twitter believes in inclusion, empowering diverse voices and communities across the globe to express themselves and connect, and so they now have a new emoji to celebrate Pride 2018.

A love heart emoji to unite the world

Twitter users around the globe are using a wide variety of hashtags all year long in the fight for equality including  #LoveIsLove, #BornThisWay, #MarriageEquality

At Twitter, they believe that #LoveIsLove and #LoveWins, which is why they chose to celebrate this year’s #Pride with a new rainbow love heart emoji and their platform will continue to champion equality around the world.

Pride is happening @Twitter

Across the world, Twitter is partnering with LGBTQ non profit organisations, continuing their efforts to ensure people have access to opportunity and building an inclusive workplace with equal benefits for all. This #Pride2018, whether you are LGBTQ or an ally, they encourage everyone to Tweet and share that #LoveIsLove.

#Pride2018 emoji is activated in languages including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Russian

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