Video: You Belong To Me – The West Coast Feed

This morning’s EILE music slot features Seattle, WA-based band, The West Coast Feed, with a preview of their upcoming new single, the vibrant and energetic You Belong To Me.

With influences from the legacies of Memphis, Muscle Shoals and New Orleans, The West Coast Feed, comprising eight members, generates a retro but modern rock/soul experience, reminiscent of 50s/60s rock ‘n’ roll sounds. The ‘in the pocket’ rhythm section, three-man horn section, electric guitars, and violin, create a resonant underpinning for the powerful voice of charismatic front man, Jesse Butterworth. (Incidentally, the band would put you in mind visually of UK SKA band, Madness, with the lead singer looking a lot like Suggs!). An earworm and a foot-tapping extravaganza – Enjoy!


You can catch up with The West Coast Feed at:


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