Liz Roche Company – new contemporary dance work for Cork Opera House Sept 7 & 8

Liz Roche Company presents I/THOU 
at the Cork Opera House, 7 & 8 September, 2018.

Liz Roche Company presents a major new contemporary dance work for the Cork Opera House stage in collaboration with celebrated Cork composer Linda Buckley.

I/THOU is a major new dance work from Liz Roche Company, responding to the work of the iconic visual artist Brian O’Doherty. Emerging out of artistic dialogues between Brian O’Doherty and Liz Roche, this new dance show will draw upon the complex notations and symbolism in O’Doherty’s landmark work One Here Now – The Ogham Cycle – large scale wall murals, first painted in 1996 at the Sirius Gallery in Ireland’s iconic harbour town of Cobh. Liz Roche’s latest dance and music production re-works these paintings into dynamic choreographic patterns and stories that explore notions of physical identity, language, history and landscape, running at Cork Opera House for two shows only on September 7 & 8.

Co-produced by Cork Opera House and Liz Roche Company, and in partnership with Sirius Arts Centre, I/THOU is a dance of connection in the disconnected world we live in. Reflecting on O’Doherty’s work, and also upon his working process, Roche has found common threads with her own choreographic process, and is crafting a new dance piece with her hallmark richness and complexity.

She commented:

“The creation of I/THOU has proven to be artistically enriching from day one. Emerging from the rich and layered textures and emotions of One Here Now is a surprisingly physical and rigorous movement quality that touches into heightened and dynamic energies that I had not originally expected to find. The heart of the work feels intensely human and complex, and yet, there is a serene logic emerging at every turn”.

For this production, Roche has brought together an extraordinary team of creative collaborators and dancers, including a newly-commissioned score from renowned Cork composer, Linda Buckley, that will be performed live by three singers and a cellist.

This work is co-commissioned by Sirius Arts Centre and Cork Opera House, and is the recipient of a significant Making Great Art Work/Open Call award from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Liz Roche Company is company-in-residence with Dublin Dance Festival 2017–19, and Civic Theatre Tallaght, also 2017–19.

DANCERS – Sarah Cerneaux, Miguel do Vale, Gloria Ros Abellana, Ailish Maher, Jack Webb & Kevin Coquelard. MUSICIANS – Robbie Blake, Suzanne Savage, Vivienne Hassell, Ilse de Ziah (cello).

Choreography by Liz Roche

Music Composition by Linda Buckley

Set and Costume by Joe Vanek

Lighting Design by Stephen Dodd

Musical Director John O’Brien

Times, Dates, and Venue:

CORK OPERA HOUSE, Emmet Place, Cork City

Opens Friday, 7 September | 8.00pm | €15/€12

Runs until Saturday, 8 September | 8.00pm | €15/€12

Box Office – Tel:021 427 0022

 *Approximate duration of show – 60 Minutes 



TWITTER: @LizRocheCompany 


A Co-production with Cork Opera House & Liz Roche Company

Commissioned by Cork Opera House in partnership with Sirius Arts Centre

Supported by the Arts Council Open Call Award 2018

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