Australia: Equality Campaign – It’s not marriage equality until all relationships are equal

When Australia said YES! this was not the end of the journey, says the Equality Campaign, who are still campaigning to make marriage equality a reality across Australia.

Right now, in some states and territories, trans and gender diverse people must be unmarried before they can change their gender on their birth certificate.

This forces people to make an impossible choice between staying married to the person they love, or being legally recognised for who they are.

The Equality Campaign feels that this needs to change, and so the pressure must be kept on to bring all states up to the same level of equality for LGBT people:

“Australia said YES and it’s time all states said YES too. We’re working with local groups and state governments across the country to remove this and other barriers to equality. Last year we made history together. Now we need to see it through for everyone.

It’s not marriage equality until all our relationships are equal”.

They ask that people support them by watching and sharing their new video:

Watch and share our new video. Let’s keep taking action until all LGBTI people are equal under the law!”

They also ask if you can contribute to their campaign to realise this equality:

“Can you chip in to help support this work?

We’re partnering with our friends at the Human Rights Law Centre for this campaign and we would appreciate your support:”.


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