Video: ‘I’m So Concerned’ new single from No Small Children

This morning, EILE is delighted to feature a great new track from LA-based all-girl band, No Small Children (or as they call themselves, a band). NSC formed in 2012, and their latest single, I’m So Concerned, is from their fourth album, What Do The Kids Say?

The band is made up of elementary school-teachers, who decided to start a band while on recess duty in the playground – guitarist and singer, Lisa Pimentel, drummer, Nicola Berlinsky, and bass player and singer, Joanie Pimentel.

Sounding very like a protest song, with edgy lyrics against a background of almost orchestral instrumental, it’s an earworm that stays with you long after you’ve finished listening, and you may feel compelled to play it again! Enjoy!


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